Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Apple Iphone for Christmas

An Apple Iphone for Christmas???not bad..wahaha!! it's been almost a month since i've been wanting to have an Apple Iphone and finally after the long wait, my package from Ebay have arrived one day before my birthday and few days before Christmas..Yahooo!!!! A simple Christmas treat for my self since I'll be spending my Christmas away from my family again....and with this simple gadget and with all kinds of application Apple Iphone has, it will surely ease my loneliness away..

With my new Apple Iphone 3G 8gb I can check my Yahoo mails, messenger, connect with friends on facebook and talk anytime with my love one via Skype. And want some more??play any kind of games you wish to play just browse on Apple applications.

Apple Iphone is one of the best gadget I ever had..with it's wi-fi capabilities I can surf, blog anytime I want to, listen to my favorite music is one touch away and with just one click of a finger I can capture any precious moment with its camera and video. And because it's still a cellphone I can text and call my friends here and abroad.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Best Online Sites

The term Black Friday means the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers make enough sales to put themselves "into the black ink." and for all of us, it means good buys, good deals and good discounts.

Have some list here of shops giving good Black Friday deals.

Best Buy
K Mart
Old Navy
Tiger Direct
Toys R Us
Sony Style

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vote "Efren Penaflorida" as CNN Hero of the Year

Many ordinary Filipinos have become heroes in their own special way and one of these ordinary man doing extra ordinary things is Efren Penaflorida, a social worker and teacher by profession devote his life in the advocacy of reaching out to the less fortunate kids. Efren was a middle child of Efren Penaflorida Sr. and Lucila Geronimo, (a tricycle driver and a vendor). Efren's life was full of struggles even at an early age, he grew up and lived near the dump site of Cavite City.

At an early age, Efren knew that education will be the best key to alleviate their status, that's why he study very hard. During his high school days he encountered being bullied by some kids to join gangs,fraternities and some resorted violent acts and throw rocks at them and with that experience drove Efren and three high school friends to form DTC (Dynamic Teen Company)which aims to divert kids from joining fraternities and gangs.

DTC (Dynamic Teen Company) started as a friendship club a more or less 20 members and their primary goal is to provide youth awareness projects, talent and self-development activities and community service in Cavite. In 1999, DTC began to reach out to slum kids by conducting outreach classes. The concept of using push cart came into their minds when the club's office burned down. They built blackboard, stocked pens, books tables and chair on their pushcart classroom. They go to the places like cemetery, dump sites.

With this advocacy Efren and company was able to reached out and teached less fortunate kids to learn the basics of counting, reading and writing.

Let's help and support Efren and his group by voting on this site so he will be able to continue his advocacy of helping more kids with his pushcart classrooms.
We can all vote for Efren Penaflorida as many times as we want.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"FACEBOOK" connects

With all the different kinds of social networking in this busy world wide world we don't have any reason not to connect and find all the people you hardly meet and see.

All the while, I thought I'm updated with my friends, acquaintance, not so friends and relatives on Friendster, happy saying hi's and hello's and seeing their pics for a while, but with the fast phase evolution of hi technology that keeps on discovering and creating effecient social networking life Facebook, Twitter and many more.

And now, I love using Facebook than Friendster aside from all my friends are using Facebook I got addicted in playing their games life Farmville, Cafe World and the fact that I found my good old marian classmates after 20 years...hehehe!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquake & Tsunami strikes American Samoa

An earthquake triggers tsunami, with a magnitude between 8.0 and 8.3, struck around dawn about 20 miles below the ocean floor, 120 miles (190 kilometers) from American Samoa, a U.S. territory that is home to 65,000 people, and 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Samoa.

An unspecified number of fatalities and injuries were reported in the Samoan village of Talamoa. Mase Akapo, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in American Samoa, said at least 14 people were killed in four different villages on the main island of Tutuila, while 20 people died neighboring Samoa. The initial quake was followed by at three aftershocks of at least 5.6 magnitude.

"It was very quick. Three or four villages on the popular tourist coast near the southern town of Lalomanu on Samoa's main island of Upolu had been "wiped out" by waves that roared ashore early Wednesday.

Monday, September 28, 2009

How to save and extend your laptops battery life

Laptops are becoming more and more popular. And for most users it is important to consider its battery life. The actual life of laptop battery will vary on your computer usage. Lately, I've noticed that my battery drains faster than usual and I realize I need to recalibrate my battery.

I've made some research and gathered some important tips that might also help you.

1). Check your Laptop Power Settings

Optimize your Power Options. Go to Control Panel then Power Settings and set it up so that power usage can be optimize. Adjust your display brightness and contrast to minimal cause it consume a lot of power.

2). Turn off external devices that are not in use

You can save on power usage by turning off external devices that are not in use such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, and charging your ipod, mp3s, cell phones. Remove CD or DVD in their drive when not in use.

3). Close or cut down on programs running on your computer

All these running programs cut down your battery life. Do not multi-task like working on MS Office and at the same time playing your mp3's. Concentrate so you can work on faster.

4). Use Hibernate instead of Stanby Mode

Hibernate mode saves more power than Standby mode. It shutsdown your laptop so your battery won't take up much power but it saves your desktop on the last time you use it.

5). Take Care of you Battery

Like any other electronic batteries you need to take care of your battery. Do not over charged it. Drain your battery at least once a month or every 3 months. Clean your batteries metal contact with cloth. Always make sure that your battery doesn't overheat.

6) Work on a cool temperature and well ventilated space

The best way in extending your battery life is to operate on a cool temperature. Avoid putting your laptop on top of pillow cause this will stop the airflow that keeps your laptop cool.

Doing all these simple tips will help us extend our battery life and most importantly it saves us on spending to buy a new one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kambal sa Tawa with Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz

For the 1st time in the entertainment history of Saipan, Digital Motion brought us one a kind live stand-up comedy by Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz that truely entertained all the Filipino people here.

A lot of Filipinos gathered and took time out last saturday night to watch "Kambal sa Tawa" featuring comedians Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz, they really gave us total fun and entertainment and make us forget our problems for a while.

I can see the excitement in the faces of people habang nakapila kami outside ng Royal Taga Hall ng World Resort and nong finally nakapasok na kami inside, nakakatuwang makita na puno yung venue ng people from all ages.

Nag front act si Hapi with group of young dancers and followed by Ogie Diaz na nagpacontest pa ng spell the word using their butt and nagpacontest din sya ng mala singing bee and in fairness magagaling yong 4 contestants.haha!!!

And finally right after nagpatawa ni Ogie Diaz sumunod agad si Vice Ganda. Sa simula pa lang eh super enjoy na talaga sya sa pang ookray and the highlight is when Brad (american guy) went up in the stage at nakisakay naman talaga sya sa mga biro at pang ookray ni Vice.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jody Powell dies at 65

Jody Powell, Former Press Secretary to Jimmy Carter died Monday afternoon at the age of 65.

Jody Powell, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Maryland while working with the firewood with a helper who briefly stepped away, and later on discovered that Powell was on the ground.

Powell, was born Sept. 30, 1943, a native Georgian. He began in politics as a driver for Jimmy Carter whose campaigning for governor in 1970. Six years later, he became press secretary and closest confidante of the Governor.

After Carter was elected president, Jody Powell became White House Press Secretary. Powell, served throughout Carter's single term. After the White House years, he founded Powell Tate, a public relation firm in Washington D.C. He, also worked as a writer for L.A Times and news analyst for ABC News.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Significance of 09/09/09 40th Day of Former Pres. Cory Aquino

What is the significance of this date 09/09/09???

Well for many people this date 09/09/09 is somehow special coz it happens only once in centuries or millenium just like 08/08/08 last year. For others, they say that this is a lucky day specially in business aspect, it's also a good day for weddings or any kind of celebration.

But for me and for the Aquino family and all the Filipino people this is also a special day or the 40th day of Former President Cory Aquino's death. There will be a simultaneous memorial mass at 12nn in almost all churches in the entire Philippines. As a token of appreciation of Aquino family they attended the memorial mass on different churches.

Today, aside from the observance of 40th day of passing of Former President Corazon Aquino marks the launching and exhibit of Cory Aquino Commemorative Stamps by Phil. Postal Corp., photo exhibit called "Cory Aquino Isang Pagpupugay" and Memorial Tribute Soundtrack CD by Star Records.

Up to this day Tita Cory Aquino showed us how she lived her life before through all the outpouring support and sympathy and prayers of all Filipino people. Tita Cory, we will always be remember and will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. And now that you're with our Creator, may you always be our guiding light for a better future. And with the announcement of Noynoy running as president, may you continuously guide him to lead us in a right path.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My 1st Google Adsense

Yippeee!!!!Yahooo!!!!Yeheyyyy!!!!Hephep- Horray!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! I'm soooo happy...Finally, the beautiful thing that happened for my 1st day of work...I got my Google Adsense income....Yehheyyyyyy....sobrang kakatuwa talaga..I was expecting it by mid September but it comes earlier than I expected, and a good welcome surprise di ba.

Sobrang Thank You talaga kay God, Bro thank you so much, sa Google Adsense at pinatunayan nila na totoo pala lahat ng ito at me proof na ko ngaun sa mga friends ko dito on what I got on blogging. It may took me a while bago ko mareached tong $104.17 but still, it's an extra income.

I also wanna thank Jerson for all the help and pointers that he shared with me. To Faye, for the undying support, to Jehzlau for adding me sa list ng friends nya, a big help really..and sa lahat ng mga ka-bloggers ko na di ko na maisa-isa pang i-mention dito, maraming salamat sa inyo, pati na rin sa matyatyaga kong readers.

From now on, mas lalo ko pagsisikapan magpost everyday at magresearch ng quality post para sakin at sa aking mga readers...So, help me God to make it possible.

But for now, enjoy ko munang titigan tong check ko bago ko i-deposit sa bank.hehehehe!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard to say "Goodbye" for now

Saying Goodbye is never an easy thing..

My three weeks vacation was over and parting time is the hardest thing to do. It's not easy for me to packed my things again knowing that I'll be leaving the next day, that I will miss my family again, that I will not be able to join them during breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we will not be together for another 3 or 5 long years.

I will surely miss the laughters and cries of my niece and nephews. I will miss those times of playing with them, tickling and cuddling them while their lola keeps complaining on cleaning all their mess..haha!!!

I will definitely miss those moments with my nanay and tatay who also took a break for a while from their busy work just to be with me and spent every minute with me for us to be together even if we just stayed home or go on malling or any kind of simple bonding.

I will treasure those time that I'm stucked in traffic and always need to fall in line in paying to the SM cashiers, in the bank, in SM Foreign Exchange and long time in grocery. And the big thing..I surrendered in walking and shopping at the Mall of Asia and Greenbelt.whewwww!!!!so tiring...mind and money blowing also.

And I really enjoyed eating Odd Balls Squid Balls and Kikiam and Tender Juicy Hotdogs...sarap!!!

But all good things never last, after packing my things I slept at 1 o'clock in the morning and woke up like 3:45am to get dress and leave home before 4:30 am for my 8am flight. My nanay also woke up to prepare breakfast but I don't want to eat heavy. It's not really a good idea for me that my nanay and my tatay to go with me in the airport so I insisted that my only brother will go with me not them coz I will surely cry as I bid farewell to them. But can't prevent to cry either when they say goodbye and take care and hugged me so tight so I rushed to the car to keep myself for being emotional and cry.

But still, I can't help and prevent my tears na kusang tumutulo mula sa akin mga mata habang nasa car at tinatahak ang daan patungong airport. Pano pa kaya kung talagang ihatid nila ako hanggang sa airport. Huhu!!!cguro super drama ang scene ng lola nyo.hahaha!!!!

For a while nakalimutan ko munang malungkot dahil sa haba ng pila to get my boarding pass from Northwest Airlines pero nong sakay na ko ng plane I started to emote again and thingking na back ko normal na naman ang buhay ko na puro work and miles away from my family.

Anyways, I arrived in Narita Airport Terminal 1 in Japan around 1:05 pm but the thing is I need to wait there til 7:55pm for my connecting flight going to Saipan, kaya walang magawa ang lola mo kundi magwindow shopping ng paulit-ulit sa mga shops sa Narita Airport and mga 2 hours before my flight eh tsaka lang ako nagdecide bumili ng T-shirts and Rice Crackers..imagine un lang 3 items eh umabot na ng $50..huhuhu!!!!expensive talaga..

And for my final journey, I was on board on NW100 by 8:05pm and arrived in Saipan at 1:20am wednesday, buti na lang at very comfortable ang seating arrangement ko and I was able to sleep dahil sa sobrang pagod..

Wednesday morning at 8am back to work, kaya no time to emote pero after work yon ang nakaka emote kasi wala ng kapamilya to prepare food for me and lonely na kasi tahimik na sa bahay, wala ng makukulit na batang, nangungulit, papasaway at pakalat-kalat sa bahay at walang lola at lolo na saway ng saway...wahahahha...

hay life.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bicol Escapades

One of my vacation destination in the Philippines was Bicol. I have visited the 3 main provinces of Bicol Region and my first stop was Legaspi, Albay, where I spent my whole saturday eating Pili Nuts and their famous Laing for our dinner. And Sunday morning wouldn't be complete without seeing the beautiful Mt. Mayon at it's active mode. It's perfect cone best seen from 6:30 to 7:30am before the clouds cover its peak. The ruins of Cagsawa church lies in the town of Daraga, the tower stands firm as Mayon Volcano's destructive eruption buried the church with rocks and lava way back in febuary 1, 1814.

My next stop was Sorsogon, we drove all the way from Daraga to Sorsogon City just to visit Ate Nene, who went home for good. And we're invited to visit their humble but cute resort in Sorsogon. I thought I will have the chance to see the Butanting in action. Hehe!!!but I'm afraid coz we need to ride in a boat..huhu!!!katakot..

And my final day, we spent it in CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex)wherein that day there's an Ironman 70.3 competition. I did not even try the wakeboarding coz I'm afraid I might broke my back, but really enjoyed watching those professional wakeboarders being pulled by cable ski system. I can say the rates for boarding and gears are reasonable enough to enjoy the adventure that CWC has to offer, I just don't have the guts to try those. And worst thing I ever experienced with CWC was their Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, imagine we waited for almost 1 and a half hour for our orders..My gosh!!! I really wanted to walked out and just leave the restaurant but I'm still being considerate with the crew coz that time their very busy because of the Ironman participants so patiently wait and lola nyo..hay!!!kesa masira ang araw ko mega picture taking na lang kami til umulan ng malakas and we decided to leave na and go to Naga City, and their nag malling galore lang kami sa SM Naga. So happy at last I have time to shop na walang masyadong people all around the place kaya I was able to buy clothes and Havaianas and some girly stuff.

I can say I enjoyed my Bicol Escapades so far kahit medyo bitin kasi need to go back to Manila by Tuesday morning.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Manila Ocean Park"

I'll be spending my first weekend getaway with my makukulit na pamangkins at the MOP or Manila Ocean Park in Luneta Park. I get the idea pf bringing my family at Manila Ocean Park when I saw the place in the teleserye ONLY YOU and one of TFC's show na nakalimutan ko yon name.

My nephews and niece were so excited to see the one and only Oceanarium in Quirino Grandstand in Luneta. The entrance fee of Php 400 for adults and Php 350 for kids, it's fair enough to see the joy and excitement in the eyes of those kids. The state of the art Manila Ocean Park is well equipped with big and spacious boutiques malls and restaurants and other facilities.

It's surprisingly amazing to see those mermaids dance, swim and float and go with the flow with other marine habitat and species.

Here some pictures for you to enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Philippine Vacation Experience

After almost 5 long years I finally able to take a brake and unwind in my own country the "Philippines". I'm feeling nervous coz I'll be travelling alone but I'm also excited knowing that few hours from now I will see my family back home.

Now that I'm here in the Philippines, there's really a big, big difference from where I came from. The 1st big thing is TIME... in Saipan time is not killing me..I can drive 5 mins from my house to traffic, no hazzles. And only here in the Philippines that you need to leave your house as early as possible, I need to have at least 1 to 2 hours travelling/traffic allowance before your appointment coz if not I'll defenitely be late..

And having Philippines as my vacation destination I should be ready with my budget. There's no such thing as FREE here, we need to pay in the parking, in the public rest room..huhuhu!!!! And if I wanna enjoy my vacation with my family it will cost thousands and thousands of pesos..but really worth the expenses especially with my makukulit na pamangkins. Seeing them excited and enjoying makes me happier.

I really love mall hopping before when I'm still in the Philippines and I thought after missing all those newly built malls in town I will be so excited and will have a grant time visiting each mall but opppsssssss I'm wrong coz when we went to SM Fairview to find good restaurant for my first dinner with my family, I'm really shocked with the crowds..there all over the places, from boutiques to restaurants to grocery and only then that I realized I'm no longer a City Girl. I'm no longer used on seeing a lot of people it makes me crazy and dizzy...wahahha!!! feeling naging PROMDI ba.

There's this one weekday na I decided to meet the wife of my co-worker. I told her sa Trinoma ko na lang sya i-meet para makita ko yong place and baka di masyadong maraming tao.. But to my surprised eh mas super pala ang dami ng tao don as in mas marami pa sa SM at ang akala kong madali kong mame-meet yong wife ng friend ko eh mas nahirapan pa ko kasi malaki yong place at madami ikot-ikot and gustuhin ko man magshopping eh di ko rin magawa sa dami ng tao, kaya right after kong maibigay yon padala sa kameeting ko eh umalis na rin ako agad.

During my first week of vacation in Manila parang sobra akong nanibago sa traffic, sa crowd, especially sa mga sasakyan sa kalsada, nakakanerbyos kahit pasahero lang ako, siguro talagang nakakapanibago lang pati pollution kaya nagkasakit din ako..huhuhu!!! And sino naman ang makakapagsabi na me crises ang pilipinas sa dami ng new businesses, malls at magagandang condo at subdivision na natatayo eh I can say that Philippines is growing and improving.

I'm sure from time to time I'll be posting more of my adventure here in metro manila and other places and by that time siguro naka adjust na rin ako at more familiar sa lahat ng lugar.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Death of Former President "Cory Aquino"

I was really saddened and devastated when I got the news that Former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino passed away last saturday Aug 1, 2009 at about 3:18 am. We all prayed for her wellness and I'm sure it's God's will that she has joined her husband and our Creator.

We all know that Cory Aquino gave all the Filipino people the courage, hope and most importantly play a big role in restoring back our democracy and freedom by leading the EDSA People Power I.

I was in my grade school when that People Power happened. As a kid I'm not that knowledgeable about what is happening in the country but I can feel the tension, the fear and worries of my parents especially that exact date is the departure of my father going to Palau or Guam. But when we are going home in Manila coming from (MIA) Manila International Airport, when we are nearing our place not so far from Malacanang Palace, I can see a lot of armies, navy, police patrols, tankers and tora-tora flying around, barricades on the streets, right that very moment I told my mother.."Is there a WAR"??? And that's the time I begun to be curious and concern on what is going on...get to know who is "Cory Aquino" and finally found myself attending prayer rallies and being nationalistic. Up to now I can still recall all that "Magkaisa" song, "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo", "Ang Bayan Ko" and more.

After all the tensions and People Power ousted the Marcoses, it's really a sweet and fulfilling victory for all the Filipino people.
The very first time that I personally saw "Tita Cory" face to face and the rest of Aquino clan when we attended the Thanksgiving Rally in Luneta and more other prayer rallies after that.

Former President "Cory Aquino" is such a very compassionate woman inside and out, so dedicated to her responsibility as a president, she made every Filipino free, united and proud anywhere she goes. Before she's known as a loving, kind and patient wife of Ninoy and a loving mom, friend and a shoulder to cry on for her children, same thing that she showed to the entire Filipino people.

Eventhough she has to battle with her cancer she never fails to worry more on her children, grandchildren and her fellow filipinos and her country. She really has a strong believed in God and prayer power.

Up to her death she brought the Filipino people united once again, the same way that the Filipino people showed their love and respect to the late Former President. The whole country mourned when she passed away but we saw the support of all the people lining up to bid their last farewell to our beloved Tita Cory and joining hand in hand to brought her at Manila Memorial last wednesday. No rain or other obstacle can prevent the outpouring support and love of all the Filipinos just to show how thankful are we for all the things and sacrifices she done for our country.

Now as she joined her husband Ninoy and our Creator in Heaven, we will surely missed her but rest assured that we will have a new guardian angel to guide us and lead us to a bright future.

You have lived your life fully. You have a great sense of pride in accomplishing your task and purpose here on earth and the only thing we can give you is to Thank You...Thank You "Tita Cory" for sharing with us your life, unconditional love, courage, dedication, humility, patience, understanding, integrity and great trust in God. May we continue to apply all the things that you've showed and taught us, that truly "Filipinos are worth fighting for" and most importantly give everything up to the Lord.

We will have a different bunch of President in the near future but we will only have ONE and ONLY simple, kind, meaningful and stain free of corruption and anomalies like you...President "Corazon C. Aquino"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Watching the Sunset

Love watching the sunset yesterday...

God created everything beautifully and's really lovely watching the sunset as it's slowly going down and see the reflection of it's sun rays on the clear blue waters of the ocean.

This kind of scenery is really breath-taking and refreshing, while watching the sun set, the falling of bloody red flowers from flame trees, inhaling the sweet smell and unpolluted fresh sea breeze, listening to the rhyme of chirping birds. It's nature's way of simply giving one's person a mind relaxing therapy after a hard day's work.

An amazing sunset watch is not just for a romantic moments and simple get-away from our busy life but it also means another day has passed and a new day is waiting again...for new hopes, new adventure, new challenges so it's better to live one day at a time and treasure every that have passed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disaster: July 22, 2009 Tsunami

OMG!!!! as in... is this for real???? Oh my good Lord, please don't this us...

I really don't understand if it is a joke or just some kind of fabricated chain letter circulating in e-mails but the e-mail I got this morning goes something like this:

Please be more cautious as the warnings has been given.

Attached a photo for u.

I just received this message from a colleague. I don’t know the source of the message; I also don’t know the credibility of the content, but just beware.

Below is the content on the message:

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

Thanks and have a nice day.

Bless you~

After reading this e-mail I checked the Google right away, search about this bad news and found out that it's been circulating in the e-mails since April 2009 (isn't it one of the many April Fools Day joke???) And can they really detect the time of when it's going to happen??? And I notice in the picture that disaster is mispelled (they were able to check the day and time but they forgot to check their spelling..hehehe!!)

Know what, this kind of disaster should be taken seriously and carefully coz I know the felling of being scared and fear of what your going to do. I also experienced this last 2 years ago when we have a tsunami warning. The feeling is really unexplainable especially if you're leaving in an island like us that's surrounded by waters. Most establishments, our houses is just across the beach, it's really heart pounding everytime when the police opens their sirens (wang-wang) while roaming around the area and announced using their megaphones that we need to go in the higer places....huhuhu!!!! We just found ourselves rushing up to pick some important things and leave the place right away..

Well, whether it's true or just a joke, we really need to pray hard that this will not happen and that the Lord protects us all always...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Friends for Life"

I have a very few friends who are so dear and close to my heart. And these few includes my childhood and long time friends faye and lyn. Faye's name is the same with one of the actress in manila and lyn looks like carmina villaroel especially in the old movie "hindi kita malilimutan" because of the distinctive red nose..hahaha!!!!joke!!... but I remember, when we were still in high school, this young, petite and creative girl wrote a simple letter in a sheet of bounty tissue just because our high school life was about to end and another journey was yet to unfold going on college... what really touches my heart is the line that goes "If growing up means tearing us all apart...I don't want to grow up... just to make the friendship last. touching..

All the while, we thought that after high school we're all going on separate ways...but opppssss!!!! no, no, no, we were able to enroll in the same school, the same course and same section but faye enrolled earlier so she's one section ahead, nothings change coz she's just next door away, rest is history...

Circumstances and fate leads the way to our own destiny, after graduation Lyn was able to get visa and follow her mom in the states, Faye got married and also lived in the states. Before, Faye and I left the philippines we used to go out, eat and window shopping in all the malls, chat all the time and thats up to now ha.

Lyn got busy with her life and career, we thought that she totally forgotten her friends...but after 10 long years she's back and she's the same old chic, jolly person we've known. She took time out from her busy sked to explore and visit seattle and have a grand time with her friend, but the sad thing is I was not there to savour and reminisce the moment with my two good old friends, well, I'm still very happy for them, I may not be physically present but in my heart & mind I felt the joy, thrill and excitement of their bonding moments, they updated me from time to time, share some of their happy moments in the pics. For sure one day is not enough for sharing all those happy and sad experiences that happened in our lives. Hmmmm..... we'll never know the next time I post for this blog I will be able to join them.

Very happy for you guys!!!!

" Friends really never say goodbye, they just say see you later...."

Friends really never say goodbye

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Needing Part Time Job and Extra Income???

I really thought it was my lucky day yesterday because I got a notice from one of my colleague that they will be needing my help again in the restaurant, and that means....I have my part time job again...yahooo!!!! I don't know for how long, what I'm sure of is it's an extra income for me...hehe!!!

Kind'a need extra effort for me to work 8 to 5 pm five days a week and run to my next job which start 6 to 10pm weekdays and 10am to 2pm weekends..whhheeehhhh!! but what's really heart warming to know is the warmth welcome from my old buddies...hay!!! touching..good to see my old friends there and a quick chit-chat.

We're not that busy that evening, not so much customer feels dining out maybe, so we thought we will be going home earlier but there's this russian family coming in for late dinner and unfortunately late call from guess who???our super regular guest and my boss...huhu!!!he's going to eat dinner and ordered in advance. We're all in a hurry to prepare his food and table,coz he'll be coming in any moment. But that moment took us more than hour waiting for him... hu!hu!hu! soo sad, the should be early time out for me became an hour extension on regular schedule.

Isn't it a "lucky day" for me????

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogging around

hay!!! been busy lately..I have a lot of things in mind to post pero pag start na ko magpost with my spare time I don't know how and where to start...and lately my adsense is way to low..kaya feeling disappointed rin and not so inspired. But when I was able to check my friends blog nakakatuwa sobrang updated talaga sya sa pagpo-post ha, he even made a post about his grandma...his cousins and everything and anything under the sun he really composes a very nice post. And that's the reason why I realize that if I really have something in mind try to write it down right away so as not to forget, kasi the more na naiipon all the ideas in my mind mas lalong nami-mix up, mas lalong mahirap mag blog or mag post. Kaya from now on I'll try to make it a point na pag may biglang akong naisip na idea diretso agad sa create new post wala ng mamaya habit..hehe!! for sure di masasayang yong mga ideas na bigla lang pumapasok sa isip ko out of nowhere...haha!!!!

Anyways, so happy na rin and thankful because this day I made $2.35, sana everyday ganito para lalo ako mainspire at syempre dagdag income na rin di ba??? kaya post ng ng blog...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hayden Kho sex video scandal

I know by this time a lot of people have watched Hayden Kho's sex video whether it's with Katrina Halili, or any other woman but the point is it's selling like a hot potato in pirated cd's or in the internet.

This scandal have gained a lot of attention from senators, news, showbiz world up to the very simple man on the streets. Many have been said on both parties, many actions have been done, many people were got involved and affected especially those people who are victims or culprits, physically or technically involved.

In the long run it will hurt both sides and their love ones. All the girls intentionally or unintentionally videod during their "should be private & intimate moment" will be hurt, affected morally, emotionally, violated their rights, suffer the consequences of losing their dignity that will truly leave a scar and be remembered. And for Hayden to lose his hard earn achievements and brought disappointment and disgrace to his family, it may be the biggest hit news maker for a month or so but one thing is for sure they all learned their lessons and charge it to experience.

In the end they should all realize to act responsibly enough in everything that they do publicly or privately especially that they are being looked as a role model.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Affordable Dream Wedding - Tips & Guides

Wedding is in every woman's dream. Seeing yourself walking down the aisle, wearing your elegant wedding dress, all smiles and feeling like a superstar as you slowly walk towards the altar where your prince charming is waiting....ahhhh a lovely scene isn't it????

But before your dream wedding do come true I've prepare a simple planning guidelines and checklist for those who want to have an elegant but affordable dream wedding.

* Wedding Date - check your calendar which day and month you want it to happen, or better yet consult a feng shui expert for your lucky day.

* Type of Wedding/Ceremony - think of an ideal wedding ceremony you want, will it be....
** Church wedding
** Garden wedding
** Beach Wedding
** Muslim Wedding
** Carribean Wedding etc..etc..

* Wedding Reception/Caterers - do you want it formal set-up, buffet, etc..etc..

* Wedding Planner/Wedding Singer - I suggest that you need to get a real good wedding planner, not just for planning but also for the program itself. If you can find a wedding planner that is also a good singer that's really a good deal.

* Wedding Photographer - photos and videos is a must for this kind of occassion. Hire a professional one, there's no take 2 or 2nd chances on this matter. Capture perfectly every moment.

* Wedding Gown/Dresses/Design/Make-Up - look for the design/designer that you are comfortable with. You will be the center of attraction on your wedding day so be beautiful, be elegant and stand out. If you can't afford to patronize those well-known designers don't get upset there's still a lot of good up coming designers out there, try them, anyways, it's how you the dress and the dress is carrying you.

* Invitation/Favors - on this note you need to be creative, resourceful. You can create and design your own invitations/favors, try playing around with materials that are affordable and easily available. Be imaginative, i'm sure you can come out with a nice, cute or eco-friendly invitations and favors.

* Wedding Ring - this symbolizes that you will be bonded as one. Be it gold, silver, platinum, diamond etc..etc it's the sincerity that counts and treasure.

For me, these are the most important things to be taken care of first and need full attention and details.

For Miscellaneous things like flowers, cakes, music, theme, etc. etc better consult your caterer if they have a package that may include all those things or if they can take care of it for you for a reasonable and worry free price.

And I also remember in a wedding there's a saying that you should have something new, something borrowed...something whatever...not really sure though..haha!!!

But I know one important thing...Wedding is a binding of two people willingly, whole heartedly submitting themselves to each other, sharing their whole life to one another and taking and accepting their responsibility from that day onwards, not forcing yourself to enter in this new chapter of your life because of wrong reasons...but it is because of LOVE..EVERLASTING LOVE....

And that will make your WEDDING dream come true...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Susan Boyle - Amazing!!!!

It's sooooo amazing...It's soooo unbelievable...but she really have a voice...Susan Boyle at the age of 47 amazingly impressed the judges and audiences of "Britain's Got Talent 2009" singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables

check this out...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Administrative Professional Day

April 22 is Administrative Professional Day. Kind'a made up holiday and not a well celebrated holiday, but at least were being appreciated and recognized.

I didn't notice this kind of day for the past 4 years until this day when my Lady Boss treat me and the other staff of her husband for lunch at Revolving Restaurant 360. We really had a good chit-chat over lunch.

I know that we really need to get our jobs done with or without rewards and appreciation but we're just fortunate that we have a boss that's nice and appreciative to her staff.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to transfer video from JVC GR-D77OU to my Laptop

Got the chance to use my JVC Digital Video Camera model GR-D77OU which I won grand prize in our last year's Christmas Party raffle. I really enjoy capturing every moment with the cool, clear and nice features of JVC digital video camera. It's so easy to use and I can also watch the video on my tv, transfer pictures from my SD card to my computer but.... I encounter one problem how can i transfer the video to my laptop????it says in the manual that I need to use DV cable connector. Why is it not included in the box???? Do anybody know any means of transferring video to my laptop aside from buying that DV cable that costs $29.95?????

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wave Jungle - World Resort

Fun, fun under the sun.....we enjoy our weekends under the sun..we enjoy the cool water and fun adventure of World Resort. All we have to do is wear our best swim/wet suit and sunblock and all is ready to go and enjoy the day. Wave Jungle at World Resort is one of the best water parks in Saipan.

Me and my friends love the amazing rides including the Wave Coaster, Black Hole, The Wave Pool, Body Slide, Tube Slide and we even spent sometime in the kiddie pool..haha!!!

And when feeling tired and hungry World Resort has a lot of things to offer to feed our hungry stomach. They have the Buffet World serving International cuisine, The Myeong-Ga which serves korean ribs, noodles and kimchi, and of course we can enjoy our beers and cocktail drinks at their Red Box Sport Bar, and a lot, lot more.

This is a great getaway that is too good to be true! If I can only bring my whole family here especially my niece and nephews for a fun filled summer.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch "Fast & Furious" movie 2009

Fast and Furious New model. Original parts.

Paul Walker (O' Conner) and Vin Diesel (Dom), together again.. Let the fun begin.....

The Fast & Furious story, as it is, has returning star Paul Walker's character, (Brian O' Connor) teaming up with the fellow The Fast and the Furious alumnus Vin Diesel's (Dominic Toretto) to work with the feds to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation. This of course serves as the clothesline on which to hang as many car chases, street race, explosions and beautiful women into the running time as possible.

Fast & Furious movie will hit the big screen on April 3, 2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to have money

Who said money is not the important thing in man's life????

Whether we like it or not we need to face the fact that money is the basic essential needs in man's life. Almost half of our lives evolves with one mission in be rich or just simply say to earn money.

As far as I can remember when still in grade school, our parents, teachers always reminds us to study hard, so if we graduate we can find jobs with good paying salary. While in high school and college they want us to choose good courses like accounting, nursing, law, engineering, etc..etc for us to get good or higher position in the society and eventually earn big bucks of money....after earning experiences we still keep on aiming for more and dream of running our own business to earn more money and become succesful in the end.

There's no such thing as FREE in life. In anything that we do money is involved, we need buy food, clothes, we need have money to buy those, need shelter, we need money for rent, need health care we need money, need to study we need money for tuition. In this crazy world money talks, money changes everything..and sometimes became roots of all evil.

And the only thing that I know best to do now is harder, save, be patient, have faith in God, be resourceful, don't lose hope and hold on to our ultimate dream..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog Addict

Hay ano ba naman to???dati brother ko lang ang sobrang Blog Addict, ngaun nanghawa pa...hehehe!!!!kaya eto pati ako ka-jamming na nya..

I'm living a very simple life dati nong wala pa kong blog, pa-browse browse lang, pa chat-chat, kaya anything goes lang basta may internet lang. Pero ito naman kapatid kong sobrang blog adik walang ginawa kundi kumbinsihin ako na kesyo inaaksaya ko un oras ko sa kung ano-ano eh bakit di na lang ako mag blog.waaaaahhh ang kulit...

Kesa kulitin pa ko ng kulitin, gumawa naman ako ngaun. kakatuwa lang isipin na un na pala ang simula na magiging isang blog addict na din pala ako, hindi man kasing grabe nya pero I can say I'm into it...wahahah..kung dati adik lang ako magchat at least ngaun may bunga ang pagbababad ko maghapon sa computer at higit sa lahat parang committed na rin ako magpost as many as I can.

Maybe sa simula parang mauubos ang patience mo magsign-in sa pagkarami-raming website pero nong nagsink-in na sa system ko..sus kakaaliw din pala kasi pagkatapos mo ng isang post may bigla ka na naman maiisip at gusto mo pang magpost ulit.

Hanggang isang araw napanood ko lang ung trailer ng You Changed My Life akalain mong nakita ko na lang ang sarili kong nagcocompose na ng post regarding don sa movie na ang higit sa lahat nang sinabi ng kapatid ko na check ko daw adsense ko, as in pag open ko sobrang natuwa lang ako...un tuwang para bang ang laki na ng achievement ko...wahahaha eh bakit naman kasi hindi ako matutuwa noh...un dating $.01 kung income eh tumabo sa $8.09.. isipin mo un di ba??panong hindi ako matutuwa..

At doon ako nagsimulang maging sobrang interested at maging Blog Addict na rin tulad ng marami, hindi lang ng kapatid ko...hehehe...

ayon lamang po...bow...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No US Visa, No Entry for Alien Workers into NMI

A ranking official of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed yesterday that foreign workers who exit the CNMI before the start of the transition to federal immigration would need a U.S. visa to be able to return for work purposes, and that no “green card” will be granted to foreign workers by virtue of their long stay in the CNMI.....full story

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer Getaway - Yellow Submarine

Yahooooo, Summer is here again!!!!!! Looking for a place and and adventure to spend your summer????

So, what are we waiting for enjoy your summer vacation...get ready with your beach bag, shades, sunscreen lotion and not to forget those sexy bikinis..hehehe

But if you're not ready to get wet and wild but still want to enjoy the heat of the sun, sea and sands...ehemmmmm... no need to worry..there's a lot of adventure we can get busy with especially this summer like picnic, mountain climbing, go up, up and away with the hot air ballon or go deep, deep down the ocean with "Yellow Submarine"

Yeah, it's really a Yellow Submarine. We've tried the under the sea adventure of Deepstar Yellow Submarine. This Submarine is designed to allow tourists, locals residents to explore the beauty of the exotic underwater seascape in air conditioned-dry comfort. The Submarine dives to a depth of 100 ft. with audio narration and music playing during the entire tour. We got to see colorful tropical fishes, beautiful corals and a wide variety of marine life. The tour included visiting World War II historical artifacts, airplane and shipwreck sites.

The dive beneath the sea provided a wonderful adventure and educational opportunity for both local residents and tourist to better understand the world in which they live. Residents of the CNMI have always been closely linked to the ocean but the opportunity to spend time in underwater exploration is unique.”
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