Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bicol Escapades

One of my vacation destination in the Philippines was Bicol. I have visited the 3 main provinces of Bicol Region and my first stop was Legaspi, Albay, where I spent my whole saturday eating Pili Nuts and their famous Laing for our dinner. And Sunday morning wouldn't be complete without seeing the beautiful Mt. Mayon at it's active mode. It's perfect cone best seen from 6:30 to 7:30am before the clouds cover its peak. The ruins of Cagsawa church lies in the town of Daraga, the tower stands firm as Mayon Volcano's destructive eruption buried the church with rocks and lava way back in febuary 1, 1814.

My next stop was Sorsogon, we drove all the way from Daraga to Sorsogon City just to visit Ate Nene, who went home for good. And we're invited to visit their humble but cute resort in Sorsogon. I thought I will have the chance to see the Butanting in action. Hehe!!!but I'm afraid coz we need to ride in a boat..huhu!!!katakot..

And my final day, we spent it in CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex)wherein that day there's an Ironman 70.3 competition. I did not even try the wakeboarding coz I'm afraid I might broke my back, but really enjoyed watching those professional wakeboarders being pulled by cable ski system. I can say the rates for boarding and gears are reasonable enough to enjoy the adventure that CWC has to offer, I just don't have the guts to try those. And worst thing I ever experienced with CWC was their Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, imagine we waited for almost 1 and a half hour for our orders..My gosh!!! I really wanted to walked out and just leave the restaurant but I'm still being considerate with the crew coz that time their very busy because of the Ironman participants so patiently wait and lola nyo..hay!!!kesa masira ang araw ko mega picture taking na lang kami til umulan ng malakas and we decided to leave na and go to Naga City, and their nag malling galore lang kami sa SM Naga. So happy at last I have time to shop na walang masyadong people all around the place kaya I was able to buy clothes and Havaianas and some girly stuff.

I can say I enjoyed my Bicol Escapades so far kahit medyo bitin kasi need to go back to Manila by Tuesday morning.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Manila Ocean Park"

I'll be spending my first weekend getaway with my makukulit na pamangkins at the MOP or Manila Ocean Park in Luneta Park. I get the idea pf bringing my family at Manila Ocean Park when I saw the place in the teleserye ONLY YOU and one of TFC's show na nakalimutan ko yon name.

My nephews and niece were so excited to see the one and only Oceanarium in Quirino Grandstand in Luneta. The entrance fee of Php 400 for adults and Php 350 for kids, it's fair enough to see the joy and excitement in the eyes of those kids. The state of the art Manila Ocean Park is well equipped with big and spacious boutiques malls and restaurants and other facilities.

It's surprisingly amazing to see those mermaids dance, swim and float and go with the flow with other marine habitat and species.

Here some pictures for you to enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Philippine Vacation Experience

After almost 5 long years I finally able to take a brake and unwind in my own country the "Philippines". I'm feeling nervous coz I'll be travelling alone but I'm also excited knowing that few hours from now I will see my family back home.

Now that I'm here in the Philippines, there's really a big, big difference from where I came from. The 1st big thing is TIME... in Saipan time is not killing me..I can drive 5 mins from my house to traffic, no hazzles. And only here in the Philippines that you need to leave your house as early as possible, I need to have at least 1 to 2 hours travelling/traffic allowance before your appointment coz if not I'll defenitely be late..

And having Philippines as my vacation destination I should be ready with my budget. There's no such thing as FREE here, we need to pay in the parking, in the public rest room..huhuhu!!!! And if I wanna enjoy my vacation with my family it will cost thousands and thousands of pesos..but really worth the expenses especially with my makukulit na pamangkins. Seeing them excited and enjoying makes me happier.

I really love mall hopping before when I'm still in the Philippines and I thought after missing all those newly built malls in town I will be so excited and will have a grant time visiting each mall but opppsssssss I'm wrong coz when we went to SM Fairview to find good restaurant for my first dinner with my family, I'm really shocked with the crowds..there all over the places, from boutiques to restaurants to grocery and only then that I realized I'm no longer a City Girl. I'm no longer used on seeing a lot of people it makes me crazy and dizzy...wahahha!!! feeling naging PROMDI ba.

There's this one weekday na I decided to meet the wife of my co-worker. I told her sa Trinoma ko na lang sya i-meet para makita ko yong place and baka di masyadong maraming tao.. But to my surprised eh mas super pala ang dami ng tao don as in mas marami pa sa SM at ang akala kong madali kong mame-meet yong wife ng friend ko eh mas nahirapan pa ko kasi malaki yong place at madami ikot-ikot and gustuhin ko man magshopping eh di ko rin magawa sa dami ng tao, kaya right after kong maibigay yon padala sa kameeting ko eh umalis na rin ako agad.

During my first week of vacation in Manila parang sobra akong nanibago sa traffic, sa crowd, especially sa mga sasakyan sa kalsada, nakakanerbyos kahit pasahero lang ako, siguro talagang nakakapanibago lang pati pollution kaya nagkasakit din ako..huhuhu!!! And sino naman ang makakapagsabi na me crises ang pilipinas sa dami ng new businesses, malls at magagandang condo at subdivision na natatayo eh I can say that Philippines is growing and improving.

I'm sure from time to time I'll be posting more of my adventure here in metro manila and other places and by that time siguro naka adjust na rin ako at more familiar sa lahat ng lugar.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Death of Former President "Cory Aquino"

I was really saddened and devastated when I got the news that Former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino passed away last saturday Aug 1, 2009 at about 3:18 am. We all prayed for her wellness and I'm sure it's God's will that she has joined her husband and our Creator.

We all know that Cory Aquino gave all the Filipino people the courage, hope and most importantly play a big role in restoring back our democracy and freedom by leading the EDSA People Power I.

I was in my grade school when that People Power happened. As a kid I'm not that knowledgeable about what is happening in the country but I can feel the tension, the fear and worries of my parents especially that exact date is the departure of my father going to Palau or Guam. But when we are going home in Manila coming from (MIA) Manila International Airport, when we are nearing our place not so far from Malacanang Palace, I can see a lot of armies, navy, police patrols, tankers and tora-tora flying around, barricades on the streets, right that very moment I told my mother.."Is there a WAR"??? And that's the time I begun to be curious and concern on what is going on...get to know who is "Cory Aquino" and finally found myself attending prayer rallies and being nationalistic. Up to now I can still recall all that "Magkaisa" song, "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo", "Ang Bayan Ko" and more.

After all the tensions and People Power ousted the Marcoses, it's really a sweet and fulfilling victory for all the Filipino people.
The very first time that I personally saw "Tita Cory" face to face and the rest of Aquino clan when we attended the Thanksgiving Rally in Luneta and more other prayer rallies after that.

Former President "Cory Aquino" is such a very compassionate woman inside and out, so dedicated to her responsibility as a president, she made every Filipino free, united and proud anywhere she goes. Before she's known as a loving, kind and patient wife of Ninoy and a loving mom, friend and a shoulder to cry on for her children, same thing that she showed to the entire Filipino people.

Eventhough she has to battle with her cancer she never fails to worry more on her children, grandchildren and her fellow filipinos and her country. She really has a strong believed in God and prayer power.

Up to her death she brought the Filipino people united once again, the same way that the Filipino people showed their love and respect to the late Former President. The whole country mourned when she passed away but we saw the support of all the people lining up to bid their last farewell to our beloved Tita Cory and joining hand in hand to brought her at Manila Memorial last wednesday. No rain or other obstacle can prevent the outpouring support and love of all the Filipinos just to show how thankful are we for all the things and sacrifices she done for our country.

Now as she joined her husband Ninoy and our Creator in Heaven, we will surely missed her but rest assured that we will have a new guardian angel to guide us and lead us to a bright future.

You have lived your life fully. You have a great sense of pride in accomplishing your task and purpose here on earth and the only thing we can give you is to Thank You...Thank You "Tita Cory" for sharing with us your life, unconditional love, courage, dedication, humility, patience, understanding, integrity and great trust in God. May we continue to apply all the things that you've showed and taught us, that truly "Filipinos are worth fighting for" and most importantly give everything up to the Lord.

We will have a different bunch of President in the near future but we will only have ONE and ONLY simple, kind, meaningful and stain free of corruption and anomalies like you...President "Corazon C. Aquino"
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