Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hayden Kho sex video scandal

I know by this time a lot of people have watched Hayden Kho's sex video whether it's with Katrina Halili, or any other woman but the point is it's selling like a hot potato in pirated cd's or in the internet.

This scandal have gained a lot of attention from senators, news, showbiz world up to the very simple man on the streets. Many have been said on both parties, many actions have been done, many people were got involved and affected especially those people who are victims or culprits, physically or technically involved.

In the long run it will hurt both sides and their love ones. All the girls intentionally or unintentionally videod during their "should be private & intimate moment" will be hurt, affected morally, emotionally, violated their rights, suffer the consequences of losing their dignity that will truly leave a scar and be remembered. And for Hayden to lose his hard earn achievements and brought disappointment and disgrace to his family, it may be the biggest hit news maker for a month or so but one thing is for sure they all learned their lessons and charge it to experience.

In the end they should all realize to act responsibly enough in everything that they do publicly or privately especially that they are being looked as a role model.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Affordable Dream Wedding - Tips & Guides

Wedding is in every woman's dream. Seeing yourself walking down the aisle, wearing your elegant wedding dress, all smiles and feeling like a superstar as you slowly walk towards the altar where your prince charming is waiting....ahhhh a lovely scene isn't it????

But before your dream wedding do come true I've prepare a simple planning guidelines and checklist for those who want to have an elegant but affordable dream wedding.

* Wedding Date - check your calendar which day and month you want it to happen, or better yet consult a feng shui expert for your lucky day.

* Type of Wedding/Ceremony - think of an ideal wedding ceremony you want, will it be....
** Church wedding
** Garden wedding
** Beach Wedding
** Muslim Wedding
** Carribean Wedding etc..etc..

* Wedding Reception/Caterers - do you want it formal set-up, buffet, etc..etc..

* Wedding Planner/Wedding Singer - I suggest that you need to get a real good wedding planner, not just for planning but also for the program itself. If you can find a wedding planner that is also a good singer that's really a good deal.

* Wedding Photographer - photos and videos is a must for this kind of occassion. Hire a professional one, there's no take 2 or 2nd chances on this matter. Capture perfectly every moment.

* Wedding Gown/Dresses/Design/Make-Up - look for the design/designer that you are comfortable with. You will be the center of attraction on your wedding day so be beautiful, be elegant and stand out. If you can't afford to patronize those well-known designers don't get upset there's still a lot of good up coming designers out there, try them, anyways, it's how you the dress and the dress is carrying you.

* Invitation/Favors - on this note you need to be creative, resourceful. You can create and design your own invitations/favors, try playing around with materials that are affordable and easily available. Be imaginative, i'm sure you can come out with a nice, cute or eco-friendly invitations and favors.

* Wedding Ring - this symbolizes that you will be bonded as one. Be it gold, silver, platinum, diamond etc..etc it's the sincerity that counts and treasure.

For me, these are the most important things to be taken care of first and need full attention and details.

For Miscellaneous things like flowers, cakes, music, theme, etc. etc better consult your caterer if they have a package that may include all those things or if they can take care of it for you for a reasonable and worry free price.

And I also remember in a wedding there's a saying that you should have something new, something borrowed...something whatever...not really sure though..haha!!!

But I know one important thing...Wedding is a binding of two people willingly, whole heartedly submitting themselves to each other, sharing their whole life to one another and taking and accepting their responsibility from that day onwards, not forcing yourself to enter in this new chapter of your life because of wrong reasons...but it is because of LOVE..EVERLASTING LOVE....

And that will make your WEDDING dream come true...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Susan Boyle - Amazing!!!!

It's sooooo amazing...It's soooo unbelievable...but she really have a voice...Susan Boyle at the age of 47 amazingly impressed the judges and audiences of "Britain's Got Talent 2009" singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables

check this out...
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