Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Friends for Life"

I have a very few friends who are so dear and close to my heart. And these few includes my childhood and long time friends faye and lyn. Faye's name is the same with one of the actress in manila and lyn looks like carmina villaroel especially in the old movie "hindi kita malilimutan" because of the distinctive red nose..hahaha!!!!joke!!... but I remember, when we were still in high school, this young, petite and creative girl wrote a simple letter in a sheet of bounty tissue just because our high school life was about to end and another journey was yet to unfold going on college... what really touches my heart is the line that goes "If growing up means tearing us all apart...I don't want to grow up... just to make the friendship last. touching..

All the while, we thought that after high school we're all going on separate ways...but opppssss!!!! no, no, no, we were able to enroll in the same school, the same course and same section but faye enrolled earlier so she's one section ahead, nothings change coz she's just next door away, rest is history...

Circumstances and fate leads the way to our own destiny, after graduation Lyn was able to get visa and follow her mom in the states, Faye got married and also lived in the states. Before, Faye and I left the philippines we used to go out, eat and window shopping in all the malls, chat all the time and thats up to now ha.

Lyn got busy with her life and career, we thought that she totally forgotten her friends...but after 10 long years she's back and she's the same old chic, jolly person we've known. She took time out from her busy sked to explore and visit seattle and have a grand time with her friend, but the sad thing is I was not there to savour and reminisce the moment with my two good old friends, well, I'm still very happy for them, I may not be physically present but in my heart & mind I felt the joy, thrill and excitement of their bonding moments, they updated me from time to time, share some of their happy moments in the pics. For sure one day is not enough for sharing all those happy and sad experiences that happened in our lives. Hmmmm..... we'll never know the next time I post for this blog I will be able to join them.

Very happy for you guys!!!!

" Friends really never say goodbye, they just say see you later...."

Friends really never say goodbye

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Needing Part Time Job and Extra Income???

I really thought it was my lucky day yesterday because I got a notice from one of my colleague that they will be needing my help again in the restaurant, and that means....I have my part time job again...yahooo!!!! I don't know for how long, what I'm sure of is it's an extra income for me...hehe!!!

Kind'a need extra effort for me to work 8 to 5 pm five days a week and run to my next job which start 6 to 10pm weekdays and 10am to 2pm weekends..whhheeehhhh!! but what's really heart warming to know is the warmth welcome from my old buddies...hay!!! touching..good to see my old friends there and a quick chit-chat.

We're not that busy that evening, not so much customer feels dining out maybe, so we thought we will be going home earlier but there's this russian family coming in for late dinner and unfortunately late call from guess who???our super regular guest and my boss...huhu!!!he's going to eat dinner and ordered in advance. We're all in a hurry to prepare his food and table,coz he'll be coming in any moment. But that moment took us more than hour waiting for him... hu!hu!hu! soo sad, the should be early time out for me became an hour extension on regular schedule.

Isn't it a "lucky day" for me????

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blogging around

hay!!! been busy lately..I have a lot of things in mind to post pero pag start na ko magpost with my spare time I don't know how and where to start...and lately my adsense is way to low..kaya feeling disappointed rin and not so inspired. But when I was able to check my friends blog nakakatuwa sobrang updated talaga sya sa pagpo-post ha, he even made a post about his grandma...his cousins and everything and anything under the sun he really composes a very nice post. And that's the reason why I realize that if I really have something in mind try to write it down right away so as not to forget, kasi the more na naiipon all the ideas in my mind mas lalong nami-mix up, mas lalong mahirap mag blog or mag post. Kaya from now on I'll try to make it a point na pag may biglang akong naisip na idea diretso agad sa create new post wala ng mamaya habit..hehe!! for sure di masasayang yong mga ideas na bigla lang pumapasok sa isip ko out of nowhere...haha!!!!

Anyways, so happy na rin and thankful because this day I made $2.35, sana everyday ganito para lalo ako mainspire at syempre dagdag income na rin di ba??? kaya post ng ng blog...
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