Thursday, April 23, 2009

Administrative Professional Day

April 22 is Administrative Professional Day. Kind'a made up holiday and not a well celebrated holiday, but at least were being appreciated and recognized.

I didn't notice this kind of day for the past 4 years until this day when my Lady Boss treat me and the other staff of her husband for lunch at Revolving Restaurant 360. We really had a good chit-chat over lunch.

I know that we really need to get our jobs done with or without rewards and appreciation but we're just fortunate that we have a boss that's nice and appreciative to her staff.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to transfer video from JVC GR-D77OU to my Laptop

Got the chance to use my JVC Digital Video Camera model GR-D77OU which I won grand prize in our last year's Christmas Party raffle. I really enjoy capturing every moment with the cool, clear and nice features of JVC digital video camera. It's so easy to use and I can also watch the video on my tv, transfer pictures from my SD card to my computer but.... I encounter one problem how can i transfer the video to my laptop????it says in the manual that I need to use DV cable connector. Why is it not included in the box???? Do anybody know any means of transferring video to my laptop aside from buying that DV cable that costs $29.95?????

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wave Jungle - World Resort

Fun, fun under the sun.....we enjoy our weekends under the sun..we enjoy the cool water and fun adventure of World Resort. All we have to do is wear our best swim/wet suit and sunblock and all is ready to go and enjoy the day. Wave Jungle at World Resort is one of the best water parks in Saipan.

Me and my friends love the amazing rides including the Wave Coaster, Black Hole, The Wave Pool, Body Slide, Tube Slide and we even spent sometime in the kiddie pool..haha!!!

And when feeling tired and hungry World Resort has a lot of things to offer to feed our hungry stomach. They have the Buffet World serving International cuisine, The Myeong-Ga which serves korean ribs, noodles and kimchi, and of course we can enjoy our beers and cocktail drinks at their Red Box Sport Bar, and a lot, lot more.

This is a great getaway that is too good to be true! If I can only bring my whole family here especially my niece and nephews for a fun filled summer.
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