Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Earthquake & Tsunami strikes American Samoa

An earthquake triggers tsunami, with a magnitude between 8.0 and 8.3, struck around dawn about 20 miles below the ocean floor, 120 miles (190 kilometers) from American Samoa, a U.S. territory that is home to 65,000 people, and 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Samoa.

An unspecified number of fatalities and injuries were reported in the Samoan village of Talamoa. Mase Akapo, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in American Samoa, said at least 14 people were killed in four different villages on the main island of Tutuila, while 20 people died neighboring Samoa. The initial quake was followed by at three aftershocks of at least 5.6 magnitude.

"It was very quick. Three or four villages on the popular tourist coast near the southern town of Lalomanu on Samoa's main island of Upolu had been "wiped out" by waves that roared ashore early Wednesday.

Monday, September 28, 2009

How to save and extend your laptops battery life

Laptops are becoming more and more popular. And for most users it is important to consider its battery life. The actual life of laptop battery will vary on your computer usage. Lately, I've noticed that my battery drains faster than usual and I realize I need to recalibrate my battery.

I've made some research and gathered some important tips that might also help you.

1). Check your Laptop Power Settings

Optimize your Power Options. Go to Control Panel then Power Settings and set it up so that power usage can be optimize. Adjust your display brightness and contrast to minimal cause it consume a lot of power.

2). Turn off external devices that are not in use

You can save on power usage by turning off external devices that are not in use such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, and charging your ipod, mp3s, cell phones. Remove CD or DVD in their drive when not in use.

3). Close or cut down on programs running on your computer

All these running programs cut down your battery life. Do not multi-task like working on MS Office and at the same time playing your mp3's. Concentrate so you can work on faster.

4). Use Hibernate instead of Stanby Mode

Hibernate mode saves more power than Standby mode. It shutsdown your laptop so your battery won't take up much power but it saves your desktop on the last time you use it.

5). Take Care of you Battery

Like any other electronic batteries you need to take care of your battery. Do not over charged it. Drain your battery at least once a month or every 3 months. Clean your batteries metal contact with cloth. Always make sure that your battery doesn't overheat.

6) Work on a cool temperature and well ventilated space

The best way in extending your battery life is to operate on a cool temperature. Avoid putting your laptop on top of pillow cause this will stop the airflow that keeps your laptop cool.

Doing all these simple tips will help us extend our battery life and most importantly it saves us on spending to buy a new one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kambal sa Tawa with Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz

For the 1st time in the entertainment history of Saipan, Digital Motion brought us one a kind live stand-up comedy by Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz that truely entertained all the Filipino people here.

A lot of Filipinos gathered and took time out last saturday night to watch "Kambal sa Tawa" featuring comedians Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz, they really gave us total fun and entertainment and make us forget our problems for a while.

I can see the excitement in the faces of people habang nakapila kami outside ng Royal Taga Hall ng World Resort and nong finally nakapasok na kami inside, nakakatuwang makita na puno yung venue ng people from all ages.

Nag front act si Hapi with group of young dancers and followed by Ogie Diaz na nagpacontest pa ng spell the word using their butt and nagpacontest din sya ng mala singing bee and in fairness magagaling yong 4 contestants.haha!!!

And finally right after nagpatawa ni Ogie Diaz sumunod agad si Vice Ganda. Sa simula pa lang eh super enjoy na talaga sya sa pang ookray and the highlight is when Brad (american guy) went up in the stage at nakisakay naman talaga sya sa mga biro at pang ookray ni Vice.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jody Powell dies at 65

Jody Powell, Former Press Secretary to Jimmy Carter died Monday afternoon at the age of 65.

Jody Powell, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Maryland while working with the firewood with a helper who briefly stepped away, and later on discovered that Powell was on the ground.

Powell, was born Sept. 30, 1943, a native Georgian. He began in politics as a driver for Jimmy Carter whose campaigning for governor in 1970. Six years later, he became press secretary and closest confidante of the Governor.

After Carter was elected president, Jody Powell became White House Press Secretary. Powell, served throughout Carter's single term. After the White House years, he founded Powell Tate, a public relation firm in Washington D.C. He, also worked as a writer for L.A Times and news analyst for ABC News.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Significance of 09/09/09 40th Day of Former Pres. Cory Aquino

What is the significance of this date 09/09/09???

Well for many people this date 09/09/09 is somehow special coz it happens only once in centuries or millenium just like 08/08/08 last year. For others, they say that this is a lucky day specially in business aspect, it's also a good day for weddings or any kind of celebration.

But for me and for the Aquino family and all the Filipino people this is also a special day or the 40th day of Former President Cory Aquino's death. There will be a simultaneous memorial mass at 12nn in almost all churches in the entire Philippines. As a token of appreciation of Aquino family they attended the memorial mass on different churches.

Today, aside from the observance of 40th day of passing of Former President Corazon Aquino marks the launching and exhibit of Cory Aquino Commemorative Stamps by Phil. Postal Corp., photo exhibit called "Cory Aquino Isang Pagpupugay" and Memorial Tribute Soundtrack CD by Star Records.

Up to this day Tita Cory Aquino showed us how she lived her life before through all the outpouring support and sympathy and prayers of all Filipino people. Tita Cory, we will always be remember and will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. And now that you're with our Creator, may you always be our guiding light for a better future. And with the announcement of Noynoy running as president, may you continuously guide him to lead us in a right path.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My 1st Google Adsense

Yippeee!!!!Yahooo!!!!Yeheyyyy!!!!Hephep- Horray!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! I'm soooo happy...Finally, the beautiful thing that happened for my 1st day of work...I got my Google Adsense income....Yehheyyyyyy....sobrang kakatuwa talaga..I was expecting it by mid September but it comes earlier than I expected, and a good welcome surprise di ba.

Sobrang Thank You talaga kay God, Bro thank you so much, sa Google Adsense at pinatunayan nila na totoo pala lahat ng ito at me proof na ko ngaun sa mga friends ko dito on what I got on blogging. It may took me a while bago ko mareached tong $104.17 but still, it's an extra income.

I also wanna thank Jerson for all the help and pointers that he shared with me. To Faye, for the undying support, to Jehzlau for adding me sa list ng friends nya, a big help really..and sa lahat ng mga ka-bloggers ko na di ko na maisa-isa pang i-mention dito, maraming salamat sa inyo, pati na rin sa matyatyaga kong readers.

From now on, mas lalo ko pagsisikapan magpost everyday at magresearch ng quality post para sakin at sa aking mga readers...So, help me God to make it possible.

But for now, enjoy ko munang titigan tong check ko bago ko i-deposit sa bank.hehehehe!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard to say "Goodbye" for now

Saying Goodbye is never an easy thing..

My three weeks vacation was over and parting time is the hardest thing to do. It's not easy for me to packed my things again knowing that I'll be leaving the next day, that I will miss my family again, that I will not be able to join them during breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we will not be together for another 3 or 5 long years.

I will surely miss the laughters and cries of my niece and nephews. I will miss those times of playing with them, tickling and cuddling them while their lola keeps complaining on cleaning all their mess..haha!!!

I will definitely miss those moments with my nanay and tatay who also took a break for a while from their busy work just to be with me and spent every minute with me for us to be together even if we just stayed home or go on malling or any kind of simple bonding.

I will treasure those time that I'm stucked in traffic and always need to fall in line in paying to the SM cashiers, in the bank, in SM Foreign Exchange and long time in grocery. And the big thing..I surrendered in walking and shopping at the Mall of Asia and Greenbelt.whewwww!!!!so tiring...mind and money blowing also.

And I really enjoyed eating Odd Balls Squid Balls and Kikiam and Tender Juicy Hotdogs...sarap!!!

But all good things never last, after packing my things I slept at 1 o'clock in the morning and woke up like 3:45am to get dress and leave home before 4:30 am for my 8am flight. My nanay also woke up to prepare breakfast but I don't want to eat heavy. It's not really a good idea for me that my nanay and my tatay to go with me in the airport so I insisted that my only brother will go with me not them coz I will surely cry as I bid farewell to them. But can't prevent to cry either when they say goodbye and take care and hugged me so tight so I rushed to the car to keep myself for being emotional and cry.

But still, I can't help and prevent my tears na kusang tumutulo mula sa akin mga mata habang nasa car at tinatahak ang daan patungong airport. Pano pa kaya kung talagang ihatid nila ako hanggang sa airport. Huhu!!!cguro super drama ang scene ng lola nyo.hahaha!!!!

For a while nakalimutan ko munang malungkot dahil sa haba ng pila to get my boarding pass from Northwest Airlines pero nong sakay na ko ng plane I started to emote again and thingking na back ko normal na naman ang buhay ko na puro work and miles away from my family.

Anyways, I arrived in Narita Airport Terminal 1 in Japan around 1:05 pm but the thing is I need to wait there til 7:55pm for my connecting flight going to Saipan, kaya walang magawa ang lola mo kundi magwindow shopping ng paulit-ulit sa mga shops sa Narita Airport and mga 2 hours before my flight eh tsaka lang ako nagdecide bumili ng T-shirts and Rice Crackers..imagine un lang 3 items eh umabot na ng $50..huhuhu!!!!expensive talaga..

And for my final journey, I was on board on NW100 by 8:05pm and arrived in Saipan at 1:20am wednesday, buti na lang at very comfortable ang seating arrangement ko and I was able to sleep dahil sa sobrang pagod..

Wednesday morning at 8am back to work, kaya no time to emote pero after work yon ang nakaka emote kasi wala ng kapamilya to prepare food for me and lonely na kasi tahimik na sa bahay, wala ng makukulit na batang, nangungulit, papasaway at pakalat-kalat sa bahay at walang lola at lolo na saway ng saway...wahahahha...

hay life.....
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