Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jody Powell dies at 65

Jody Powell, Former Press Secretary to Jimmy Carter died Monday afternoon at the age of 65.

Jody Powell, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in Maryland while working with the firewood with a helper who briefly stepped away, and later on discovered that Powell was on the ground.

Powell, was born Sept. 30, 1943, a native Georgian. He began in politics as a driver for Jimmy Carter whose campaigning for governor in 1970. Six years later, he became press secretary and closest confidante of the Governor.

After Carter was elected president, Jody Powell became White House Press Secretary. Powell, served throughout Carter's single term. After the White House years, he founded Powell Tate, a public relation firm in Washington D.C. He, also worked as a writer for L.A Times and news analyst for ABC News.


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