Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch "Fast & Furious" movie 2009

Fast and Furious New model. Original parts.

Paul Walker (O' Conner) and Vin Diesel (Dom), together again.. Let the fun begin.....

The Fast & Furious story, as it is, has returning star Paul Walker's character, (Brian O' Connor) teaming up with the fellow The Fast and the Furious alumnus Vin Diesel's (Dominic Toretto) to work with the feds to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation. This of course serves as the clothesline on which to hang as many car chases, street race, explosions and beautiful women into the running time as possible.

Fast & Furious movie will hit the big screen on April 3, 2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to have money

Who said money is not the important thing in man's life????

Whether we like it or not we need to face the fact that money is the basic essential needs in man's life. Almost half of our lives evolves with one mission in life..to be rich or just simply say to earn money.

As far as I can remember when still in grade school, our parents, teachers always reminds us to study hard, so if we graduate we can find jobs with good paying salary. While in high school and college they want us to choose good courses like accounting, nursing, law, engineering, etc..etc for us to get good or higher position in the society and eventually earn big bucks of money....after earning experiences we still keep on aiming for more and dream of running our own business to earn more money and become succesful in the end.

There's no such thing as FREE in life. In anything that we do money is involved, we need buy food, clothes, we need have money to buy those, need shelter, we need money for rent, need health care we need money, need to study we need money for tuition. In this crazy world money talks, money changes everything..and sometimes became roots of all evil.

And the only thing that I know best to do now is work..work harder, save, be patient, have faith in God, be resourceful, don't lose hope and hold on to our ultimate dream..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blog Addict

Hay ano ba naman to???dati brother ko lang ang sobrang Blog Addict, ngaun nanghawa pa...hehehe!!!!kaya eto pati ako ka-jamming na nya..

I'm living a very simple life dati nong wala pa kong blog, pa-browse browse lang, pa chat-chat, kaya anything goes lang basta may internet lang. Pero ito naman kapatid kong sobrang blog adik walang ginawa kundi kumbinsihin ako na kesyo inaaksaya ko un oras ko sa kung ano-ano eh bakit di na lang ako mag blog.waaaaahhh ang kulit...

Kesa kulitin pa ko ng kulitin, gumawa naman ako ngaun. kakatuwa lang isipin na un na pala ang simula na magiging isang blog addict na din pala ako, hindi man kasing grabe nya pero I can say I'm into it...wahahah..kung dati adik lang ako magchat at least ngaun may bunga ang pagbababad ko maghapon sa computer at higit sa lahat parang committed na rin ako magpost as many as I can.

Maybe sa simula parang mauubos ang patience mo magsign-in sa pagkarami-raming website pero nong nagsink-in na sa system ko..sus kakaaliw din pala kasi pagkatapos mo ng isang post may bigla ka na naman maiisip at gusto mo pang magpost ulit.

Hanggang isang araw napanood ko lang ung trailer ng You Changed My Life akalain mong nakita ko na lang ang sarili kong nagcocompose na ng post regarding don sa movie na un...at ang higit sa lahat nang sinabi ng kapatid ko na check ko daw adsense ko, as in pag open ko sobrang natuwa lang ako...un tuwang para bang ang laki na ng achievement ko...wahahaha eh bakit naman kasi hindi ako matutuwa noh...un dating $.01 kung income eh tumabo sa $8.09.. isipin mo un di ba??panong hindi ako matutuwa..

At doon ako nagsimulang maging sobrang interested at maging Blog Addict na rin tulad ng marami, hindi lang ng kapatid ko...hehehe...

ayon lamang po...bow...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No US Visa, No Entry for Alien Workers into NMI

A ranking official of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services confirmed yesterday that foreign workers who exit the CNMI before the start of the transition to federal immigration would need a U.S. visa to be able to return for work purposes, and that no “green card” will be granted to foreign workers by virtue of their long stay in the CNMI.....full story
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