Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hayden Kho sex video scandal

I know by this time a lot of people have watched Hayden Kho's sex video whether it's with Katrina Halili, or any other woman but the point is it's selling like a hot potato in pirated cd's or in the internet.

This scandal have gained a lot of attention from senators, news, showbiz world up to the very simple man on the streets. Many have been said on both parties, many actions have been done, many people were got involved and affected especially those people who are victims or culprits, physically or technically involved.

In the long run it will hurt both sides and their love ones. All the girls intentionally or unintentionally videod during their "should be private & intimate moment" will be hurt, affected morally, emotionally, violated their rights, suffer the consequences of losing their dignity that will truly leave a scar and be remembered. And for Hayden to lose his hard earn achievements and brought disappointment and disgrace to his family, it may be the biggest hit news maker for a month or so but one thing is for sure they all learned their lessons and charge it to experience.

In the end they should all realize to act responsibly enough in everything that they do publicly or privately especially that they are being looked as a role model.
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