Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Watching the Sunset

Love watching the sunset yesterday...

God created everything beautifully and's really lovely watching the sunset as it's slowly going down and see the reflection of it's sun rays on the clear blue waters of the ocean.

This kind of scenery is really breath-taking and refreshing, while watching the sun set, the falling of bloody red flowers from flame trees, inhaling the sweet smell and unpolluted fresh sea breeze, listening to the rhyme of chirping birds. It's nature's way of simply giving one's person a mind relaxing therapy after a hard day's work.

An amazing sunset watch is not just for a romantic moments and simple get-away from our busy life but it also means another day has passed and a new day is waiting again...for new hopes, new adventure, new challenges so it's better to live one day at a time and treasure every that have passed.


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