Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer Getaway - Yellow Submarine

Yahooooo, Summer is here again!!!!!! Looking for a place and and adventure to spend your summer????

So, what are we waiting for enjoy your summer vacation...get ready with your beach bag, shades, sunscreen lotion and not to forget those sexy bikinis..hehehe

But if you're not ready to get wet and wild but still want to enjoy the heat of the sun, sea and sands...ehemmmmm... no need to worry..there's a lot of adventure we can get busy with especially this summer like picnic, mountain climbing, go up, up and away with the hot air ballon or go deep, deep down the ocean with "Yellow Submarine"

Yeah, it's really a Yellow Submarine. We've tried the under the sea adventure of Deepstar Yellow Submarine. This Submarine is designed to allow tourists, locals residents to explore the beauty of the exotic underwater seascape in air conditioned-dry comfort. The Submarine dives to a depth of 100 ft. with audio narration and music playing during the entire tour. We got to see colorful tropical fishes, beautiful corals and a wide variety of marine life. The tour included visiting World War II historical artifacts, airplane and shipwreck sites.

The dive beneath the sea provided a wonderful adventure and educational opportunity for both local residents and tourist to better understand the world in which they live. Residents of the CNMI have always been closely linked to the ocean but the opportunity to spend time in underwater exploration is unique.”


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