Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God's Greatest Gift

Becoming a mother is one of nature’s best gift to a woman. While enjoying it and very proud of having it inside your womb for nine months, the most important thing is ensuring that you have a healthy little angel inside of you. Amazing!!!

Yesterday, one of our friends gave birth to a very healthy and beautiful baby girl. No matter how exhausting the past nine months of her pregnancy, every bit of the pain seems worth it when she heard the cute baby cries and finally hold the little angel in her arms for the first time! WOW that is a special feeling, a moment never to be forgotten!

No words can ever explain the joy and love that binds them from the very first day that she conceived til the day that she were able to touch, kiss, hug, hold and watch her cute little angel while she sleeps, smile and cry. What a wonderful undescribeable......aaaahhhh how i wish to feel the same way too...hehehe!!!!

And that's God's Greatest Gift......


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