Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Ways to Energize Yourself

Are you tired and stressed out with your daily routine in everyday's life?

"Time is precious" in our super hectic schedule, but a minute or a 60 seconds of your time is precious to recharge your energy the natural way.

These simple and easy steps will give you energy throughout the day.

Spend time talking to God about your worries and concerns for the day. He has the energy to take care of you even when you don't.

Spend at least 10 second of your time reflecting on things you are grateful for. (your family, your friends anything and you will find yourself smiling and ready to face the world.

Spend a minute of your time to reorganize your day's priorities and accept that there are many things beyond our control. Stress drains your energy, so this de-stressing technique allows your energy to be better spent.

Deep Breathing
This technique is absolutely free. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale to your mouth. Use your diaphragm so your belly rises and falls. Hold your breath for a count of three before releasing. Repeat 10 times or until you feel energized.

Spend a minute to stretch your body where you need the most. Reach up then touch your toes. Stretch slowly until your muscles tense and then release. You should not feel pain with the stretch.

Wind Sprint
Spend a minute or so of your time to go outdoor and run. If you can't run a wind sprint, try one minute of stationary jumping jacks or fast walking. This awakens your entire body and mind and can result in hours of extra productivity.

Fresh Fruit
Fresh fruits is a natural way to get the energy enhancing nutrients your body craves. The fresh and sweetness taste of fresh fruits invigorate your body and cleanse you internally.

Dark Chocolate
Yes!Chocolate. Believe it or not but it's Dark Chocolate, one piece of dark chocolate a day is good for you! It will not only satisfies your sweet tooth, it also contains antioxidants that give a boost of energy in your body. But remember: one piece a day only!

Spend a minute of your time visualizing yourself relaxing like having a massage or walking barefoot at the beach or how will you relax this evening or thinking of a vacation. The anticipation that builds can renew your vigor for the day, knowing there is a relaxing reward not far off.


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