Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Online Courses

Just the same old boring Tuesdays..I have been sitting and working in front of my office computer and googleing with my Laptop, thinking of what other interesting things I can do to ease my boredom.

At first, I was just checking what's new on Ebay, Tiger Direct, Old Navy but to avoid anymore expenses I switched to searching airline ticket price so if ever I've given the chance to go on vacation and travel I will have an idea, but there's no way I can take a break now because of high airline ticket rates.hu!hu!hu! aside from the visa issues.

After hours of browsing on line, my friend from Seattle adviced me to go and check online schooling, and I think she's right not only will I make my self busy it will also enrich my knowledge at the same time. great suggestion friend!

And now, I'm beginning to think if ever I will enroll in this online schooling, what course would it be?? What course is very in demand now a days? What line of profession that will make a big difference in my life? If ever I want something new, far from being inside the office the whole day facing computers, calculators and numbers. Will I be fulfilled if I'll choose Medical courses, Tourism courses? In anyway this online courses will ease my boredom and become an active and productive individual.


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