Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nintendo DS Rom Free Download

Lately my nephew is being addicted to his Nintendo DS and keeps on bugging me to download him the latest Nintendo DS Games. So, let me share my short story and web sites that I found in the internet that allows me download free Nintendo DS games and made my nephew really happy!
Since the day my nephew held his hands on this Nintendo DS game gamepad. He immediately started fiddling with the games and started whacking it's keypad, he immediately learned how to navigate his virtual characters and finish all the games like Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Super Mario and so on this is when my quest of finding him new Nintendo-DS games started.
Some of the words I typed in the Google search box are Nintendo DS Games, Nintendo-DS Games Download, NDS Games download but I found out that most of them are online stores that offer Nintendo games for a decent amount of bucks out of my wallet.
Then I tried adding the word Free to this words like Free Nintendo Games Download or Download Nintendo DS Games for Free and whatever word combinations that include the words free, Nintendo ds and games. What I again found out is that I am not the only one searching for a Nintendo DS games that are cheap or better yet free ones ahehe. For the time being I found this handful NDS ROM websites with great amount of updated NDS (Nintendo DS) Games

1. Nintendo DS Games Free Download
2. Latest List of Nintendo DS Games

More links coming soon. So bookmark this page and come back soon to find out more websites that offer free downloadable Nintendo DS Games, NDSL Games, Nintendo DS Lite Games, DS Games, NDS Games, Nintendo DS Homebrewed Games and NDS ROMS

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My "Ipad" - Lovin' it!

After the March released of Apple iPad, I've been wanting to have one but, instead of reserving a unit and buy, I just wrote it down on my wish list. While enjoying all my iphone apps, little did I know what I will be getting my iPad sooner than I thought.

And, finally after almost 4 months from it's released I already had one....My latest Apple gadget has arrive..My iPad.. My iPad...I am sooo, sooo happy and excited...wahaha!!!

With an 1/2 inch thick, weighs 1.5 pounds and a 9.7-inch touch screen I can say that it is really a good deal especially to those computer addicts like me.

It's a lot bigger version of my iphone but smaller version of laptop, the good things is it's a touch screen, longer battery life of 10 hours or more, even though it's just 16 gb still, I really love it. Now, I can be busier than ever playing my old time favorite games plus a lot more of new release apple apps, and one of the best is playing farmville on iPad, whewww!

No more dull moments for me for the meantime. Now, with my iPad on hand I can check Facebook, Twitter, emails, play games, read books, browse the internet even when lying in bed till I fall asleep and without any hassle of plugging in, opening and shutting down computer.

The best thing with this gadget I can use it anytime, anywhere.

"Mismatched Settings on Wireless Network"

How to change computer network settings that do not match the network requirements??

I asked the help of my brother to fix and put password in my wireless router and he easily done that without any sweat. But after we got disconnected and restart my laptop, I cannot connect to the internet anymore. This is because I need to change the network settings.

Here's the simple steps you need to do to change your settings (Windows Vista)

1.) Go to Control Panel
2.) Click on Network and Sharing Center
3.) Click on Manage Wireless Networks (On the left hand side).
4.) Click on your network and remove it from the list.
5.) Lastly, search for the available wireless networks and connect.
Enter your password and presto!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"President Noynoy Aquino" - New President New Hope

Today, June 30, 2010 marks the new chapter in our Philippine history, when our newly elected President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, sworn in front of nearly million of people who voted for him.

In line with President Noynoy Aquino's speech, a turning point in our government and country is change, and it should begin with us. He set as a perfect example when he follow the traffic rule and stop on the traffic light on his way to meet the outgoing President Arroyo.

Here's some exercpt from President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino's speech.

My presence here today is proof that you are my true strength. I never expected that I will be here taking my oath of office before you, as your president. I never imagined that I would be tasked with continuing the mission of my parents. I never entertained the ambition to be the symbol of hope, and to inherit the problems of our nation.

Today marks the end of a regime indifferent to the appeals of the people. It is not Noynoy who found a way. You are the reason why the silent suffering of the nation is about to end. This is the beginning of my burden, but if many of us will bear the cross we will lift it, no matter how heavy it is.

Through good governance in the coming years, we will lessen our problems. The destiny of the Filipino will return to its rightful place, and as each year passes, the Filipino’s problems will continue to lessen with the assurance of progress in their lives.

We are here to serve and not to lord over you. The mandate given to me was one of change. I accept your marching orders to transform our government from one that is self-serving to one that works for the welfare of the nation.

This mandate is the social contract that we agreed upon. It is the promise I made during the campaign, which you accepted on election day.

Our foremost duty is to lift the nation from poverty through honest and effective governance.

The first step is to have leaders who are ethical, honest, and true public servants. I will set the example. I will strive to be a good model. I will not break the trust you have placed in me. I will ensure that this, too, will be the advocacy of my Cabinet and those who will join our government.

To those who have been put in positions by unlawful means, this is my warning: we will begin earning back the trust of our people by reviewing midnight appointments. Let this serve as a warning to those who intend to continue the crooked ways that have become the norm for too long.

To our impoverished countrymen, starting today, your government will be your champion.

We will not disregard the needs of our students. We will begin by addressing the glaring shortage in classrooms and educational facilities.

Good Luck to our 15th newest President Noy! Count on your fellow good citizen to help you in achieving our goal.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook Warning: Do's and Don'ts on Facebook

Facebook is highly in demand and most publicized social networking now a days. And because millions of millions of people are using Facebook in keeping in touch with families, long lost friends and other people you knew or just meet online, we should take a necessary precautions before the hackers get in your way.

Here are some of the DO's and DONT's on your account on FACEBOOK:


Create a highly secured personal password.
Mix letters and numbers in creating one.

Do not use a very common password like names, birthdays, anniversaries that is very much related to you.
Do not save or remember your user name and password online.
Do not divulged your password to anyone.


Give only a little or less of your personal information.

Do not fill in your full birthday, you may skip it or just give the month and date but forget the year. It's very ideal for the thieves to gain access to your credit card or banks.
Do not publicized all the names of your family member, pets and contact nos. it's just like giving away so much information for other people with wrong motives.


Make sure you double check or customized your privacy options and settings.
Restrict or limit the accessibility of your network to your profile.

Do not allow other people to gain access to your profiles, photos unless they are in your friends list.


Be responsible enough in uploading your photos, videos and making shout outs since FACEBOOK is a social networking, once uploaded or shared thousand and millions of people can see it right away.

Do not upload other people's photo especially if it's their solo without asking their permission first, you're becoming so disrespectful and violating their rights of privacy.
Do not use full child's name in caption, if somebody else does ask them to delete it or remove the tag.
Do not post shout outs like "going away for 2 weeks" or "leaving for Paris" or "I'm home alone". It's like your announcing or encouraging anyone to go to your place. It's better to be safe nowadays, wait until you get home to tell everyone how awesome your vacation was.


Be sure to double check the Search section of Facebook privacy for public search box result isn't checked.

Do not let strangers access your accounts by just searching you.


Make sure that your child/children below 13 years of age and teenagers are well supervised by parents or adults in using FACEBOOK.
The best way to provide oversight is to become one of their online friends.
Use your email e-mail address as the contact for their account so that you receive their notifications and monitor their activities.

Do not let them access internet web base social networking like FACEBOOK without guiding and teaching them the correct way.
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